Bulgaria – Climate

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The prevailing climate in Bulgaria is continental, which is characterized by hot summers and cold winters. To the south of the Balkan Mountains, in areas dominated by the influence of the Black Sea, the climate is Mediterranean. The temperature in … Continued

About Bulgaria

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Bułagria country located in south-eastern Europe and the Balkans. It borders with Serbia and Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south, the Black Sea to the east and Romania to the north. Bulgaria is situated in … Continued

Bulgarian cuisine

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Bulgarian cuisine impresses with its diversity and is considered one of the healthiest in Europe. It has been shaped by centuries of tradition and the influence of neighboring countries, particularly Greece and Turkey, as well as the Middle East, Hungary, … Continued


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The apartment is located in the center of the VIP2005 Sunny Beach complex. This newly built complex includes a swimming pool, gym, sauna and restaurant. The distance to the beach is 300 meters. In close proximity to the estate there … Continued

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